AiRA10.0 artificial intelligence risk assessment in plastic surgery

What is AiRA10.0 and what is it for?

AiRA10.0 is our new system to improve patient safety, decrease risks, and optimize costs.

Aira is a unique system in the world developed by Dr. Bukret in 2020 that serves to do a Risk Analysis with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

How the risk assessment works and how to request it for free?

The evaluation consists of filling out the form below, and the system performs the risk analysis automatically. Also, you need to send photos of all the areas you want to improve in order to complete the evaluation. Then, Dr. Bukret will analyze your information to give you recommendations in order to reduce your risk before surgery.

To find out what your surgery risk is and to choose a safe cosmetic surgery in 2023 click below.

The system allows analyzing multiple variables or factors that together will define what the risk of complication is for each patient and thus inform them what would be the most appropriate for your case.

Therefore, the options might be: Not having surgery, modifying some risk factors before having surgery if you are at high risk of having a complication, such as e.g. losing weight, and also choosing the private hospital complexity according to your need to reduce the surgery risk and optimize costs.

How do prevent complications in cosmetic surgery?

There are general and specific measures to prevent complications in plastic surgery that will depend on the risk of each patient. In this video, watch how we help you to choose a safe surgery and look more attractive, and confident using AiRA10.

Are you concerned about how much plastic surgery costs in 2023?

Our personalized approach with the ARiA system will help you to determine what is the level of complexity you need to optimize cost according to your risk.