Dr Bukret’s Biography

Williams Erik Bukret, MD, EMBA

In 2020 Dr. Bukret developed the first evidence-based AI risk assessment system for preventing complications in plastic surgery. This disruptive technology is the first AI algorithm for risk classification in plastic surgery.

Other innovative methods and techniques developed by Dr. Bukret are:

Mini-invasive Laser Facial Lifting (MIL Facelift®)

Three-Dimensional Laser-Assisted Liposuction (Lipo Láser 3D®), which was awarded a mention at the Argentine Congress of Plastic Surgery in 2015.

Multifactor model to calculate the profitability in medical technology: Original article presented at ISAPS 2020 virtual congress.

Dr. Williams E. Bukret is a double board-certified specialist in Plastic, Aesthetic, and Reconstructive Surgery and General Surgery with 19 years of experience. His background includes training in microsurgery, endoscopic facial surgery, minimally invasive laser surgery, reconstructive, and general surgery.

Dr. Bukret began his career in emergency room care in 1995, general surgery in 1996, and plastic and reconstructive surgery in 1999. Some of his first work in the field of reconstructive plastic surgery was with burn patients and pediatric patients with congenital facial deformities who required meticulous, sensitive reconstructive procedures as well as microsurgery procedures.

Dr. Bukret commenced work with cosmetic/aesthetic plastic surgery patients in 2002, with the firm belief that, like patients requiring reconstructive procedures, the duality of mind/body wellness is essential to individual health and self-esteem. With this firm conviction, he has satisfactorily treated hundreds of patients from all over the world.

Unlike most of his peers, Dr. Bukret holds two Specialist degrees − one in General Surgery and one in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. This combination makes him uniquely qualified to recognize and address surgical issues that go beyond the usual scope of medical issues inherent in cosmetic procedures. He concentrates recently on aesthetic surgery, being expertly proficient in a great range of plastic surgery procedures. In his estimation, a facelift can be just as important to a patient’s overall mental, physical, and social health as a mastectomy reconstruction. His primary concern is to administer to his patients with sensitivity, caring, consideration, and expert medical training.

In 2006, Dr. Bukret formed, a small and elite private clinic in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The clinic was designed to treat both cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery patients. Together with Dr. Karina Alejandra Pesce, a well-known specialist in Mastology and Gynecology (focusing on surgical treatment of breast cancer), and a team of health-care professionals, Dr. Bukret prides himself with remaining on the cutting edge of the cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery profession.

During the 2007 American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) Annual Conference, Dr. Bukret was invited to observe surgeries with two prominent physicians at their San Francisco clinic. In 2008, immediately before he attended the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons´ Annual Conference in San Diego, California, Dr. Bukret completed a clinical rotation with one of the most pre-eminent plastic surgeons in the United States, Dr. Nicanor Isse of the Isse Institute of Cosmetic Surgery in Los Angeles, California, and visit two other Beverly Hills top plastic surgeons (Dr. Sasaki and Dr. Fodor).

Together with some of the most progressive surgeons in the cosmetic/reconstructive surgery field, Dr. Bukret has worked to erase the perceived stigma of cosmetic surgery and infuse it with an artistic interpretation.

He recognizes that many physicians have the technical knowledge the field requires, but very few of them can combine their ability with a true sense of art and innovation, and even fewer are able to meld those qualities to the integral vision of healing/self that forms the basis for reconstructive surgery. Being skilled in both the reconstructive and cosmetic areas, spending years incorporating the aspects of one field with the other, and then regarding the dual concepts as a singular entity, has been the foundation for Dr. Bukret’s unique personal surgical method.

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