3D Laser Liposuction

What is Láser 3D® Liposculpture?

3D Laser Lipo is the safest and effective technique for laser-assisted liposuction.

3D Laser Lipo ® is a technique created by Dr. Bukret in 2011 Argentina; an innovative method awarded by the Argentine Society of Plastic Surgery in 2015 that consists of measuring the fat to be treated in each area of your body that you want to improve to get optimal results.

Did you know that is possible to measure fat in each area of ​​the body before liposculpture or HD liposuction?

The day before surgery Dr. Bukret will measure the fat by ultrasound to estimate the fat and the dose of laser energy for an optimal result.

How much does 3D Laser Liposuction cost?

Laser liposuction cost depends on the clinic, your surgical risk, and the areas you what to improve, time in OR, and complementary procedures.

We highly recommend you to require an online evaluation and personalized treatment plan for free to decrease your liposuction surgery risk and optimize the cost of undergoing cosmetic surgery before deciding.

Click below to get free costs at 3 different clinics according to our ARiA risk assessment system that allows you to reduce risks and optimize costs.

You can also use our free online plastic surgery cost calculator to check the estimated cost for getting done up to 2 hours in OR Laser Liposuction by Dr. Bukret in Buenos Aires, Argentina 2021.

Learn more about laser liposuction at 3DLaserLipo.com

"Safety and efficacy of laser-assisted liposuction: prospective study", Senior Award mention by SACPER in April 2015 at the 45th Argentine Congress of Plastic Surgery.