Dr. Williams Bukret will answer many of your questions and evaluate your cosmetic enhancement goals by setting up a preliminary consultation with you.

By providing our office with the information requested below, Dr Bukret will be able to review and examine your case and then set up a call conference to discuss which procedures may be most beneficial to you, in addition to addressing any specific concerns you may have.

Be assured that your photos will be held in the utmost confidence and shared with no one. If you decide not to utilize our services for any reason, your files will be deleted from our system. Your protection and health are our utmost priority!

You will be able to speak with Dr. Bukret as many times as you need too. If, after your case is completely evaluated, you choose BAPS as your health care provider, we will proceed with scheduling your in-person appointments. We will also send you a detailed Preoperative Evaluation form to complete.


It is essential for Dr. Bukret to see photographs of the areas of your body that you would like to change or enhance (face, breasts, abdomen, etc.), just as it is also very important and helpful that you include comments regarding how you want to change or improve your body. This allows the Doctor to evaluate your case and your unique physical needs and emotional expectations.

You can send your photos by uploading them using the browser below, or directly to drbukret@drbukret.com. If you have any trouble with this procedure or submitting your information, please contact our staff for assistance. info@drbukret.com

We require frontal (face-on), semi-profile, and profile photos of the area(s) you are concerned with.


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  3. Dr. Bukret will review your case

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