Dr. Bukret, serving patients from all over the world, prioritizes patient safety by using his unique plastic surgery risk scoring. Our exclusive plastic surgery cost calculator provides an upfront estimation to help you plan your budget effectively. With the BA plastic surgery cost calculator, you can calculate your costs in American dollars for undergoing plastic surgery by Dr. Bukret in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2023.

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We welcome any questions you may have, and hope you enjoy your experience with BA Plastic Surgery.

The total price estimate in the plastic surgery cost calculator covers our standard service and includes the following costs:

Dr. Bukret team

Pre- and post-operative consultations

All medications for the surgery day

Anesthesia and anesthesiologist costs

2 to 4 hs (accordingly to surgery) in OR and 6 hours for recovery in a private plastic surgery clinic

Preoperative tests (blood test and Cardiological evaluation)

One post-surgical garment

Discount and taxes

A 15 % discount will be applied to Dr. Bukret’s team fees by paying in cash. The discount doesn’t apply to the Matienzo clinic costs.

Taxes for the clinic are not included, 21 % will be charged if you prefer to pay the clinic with credit cards at our office. In Argentina, the IVA tax (similar to VAT) is 21%.

How it works, our plastic surgery cost calculator in five steps.

1 Please enter your Antecedents

Our plastic surgery cost calculator will calculate the risk score according to the information you provide, that’s why it is so important you check all medical antecedents. Accordingly, the private hospital recommendation will also depend on your health condition prior to surgery.

2 Enter Main Surgery.

The main surgery is the priority plastic surgery procedure you need to undergo. Then, you will obtain the main plastic surgery cost estimate.

3 Enter all Complementary procedures

Complementary procedures are all those plastic surgeries that you will consider undergoing together with the main surgery. Also, you can combine with non-surgical procedures to optimize cost, that way you will benefit from the best discount price.

Then, you will obtain the price estimate of all the procedures you add; although we recommend adding to the plastic surgery cost calculator no more than three complementary procedures, so as don’t compromise your comfort after surgery. For example, you need to undergo a facelift (Main surgery) and add a blepharoplasty (eyelids surgery), botulinum toxin (Botox), and facial Lipofilling to enhance your lips (complementary procedures).

4 Enter your second plastic surgery.

It’s often required several procedures that are deferred to prevent complications, avoiding compromising your safety and comfort during the recovery. So, in our plastic surgery cost calculator, you can include other plastic surgery that will be performed after 7 to 10 days accordingly to Dr. Bukret’s evaluation and your recovery after the first or main plastic surgery.

Following the same example, you would like to know the costs of undergoing a breast lift with gel silicone breast implants. Now you will obtain the Total Cost Estimate for all the procedures you have chosen at the best-discounted.

5 Enter your email to immediately receive the Total Cost Estimate by email.

Below, you can also include any questions or concerns you might have.

After receiving all the info you provide us in the preoperative form, Dr. Bukret will evaluate your case, and you will receive a personalized treatment plan with the costs in three different private hospitals to compare.

The plastic surgery cost calculator covers the costs of the more common plastic surgery procedures in which Dr. Bukret has extensive experience and proficiency: full face and neck lift, mini facelift, mini neck lift, eyelid surgery, brow lift, rhinoplasty, breast lift, breast implants, breast implants replacement, buttock lift with fat and implants, facial lipofilling, laser tummy tuck, otoplasty, thigh lift, arm lift, and non-surgical procedures like botulinum toxin (Botox), facial fillers (Aquamid, Juvederm), dermabrasion, ultimate generation of HIFU device for cellulite and skin tightening (Ultracel Q)

Disclaimer: Our plastic surgery cost calculator form intends to cover the more frequently inquired procedures, under normal health risk circumstances, but there are other procedures, possible combinations, and health risk considerations that need to be addressed with more detailed patient information.

The BA Plastic Surgery cost calculator is Dr. Bukret’s development and all rights are reserved. Copyright 2021