How much does plastic surgery cost in Argentina, in 2022?

Thanks to our deep market analysis, we are glad to offer you the best cost-benefit service accordingly to personal needs and considering the individual health risk.

Dr. Bukret’s personalized risk assessment system assures you to choose the most convenient private hospital to minimize risk and costs in 3 steps.

1. Information exchange

2. Surgery risk analysis
3. Personalized Treatment Plan with 3 clinics options

Do you know your risk of having complications after cosmetic surgery?

Probably you don’t know, and this is what you must know because preventing complications can save you from pain, cost, and reoperations. That’s why Dr. Bukret created an online risk assessment system (AiRA) assisted by artificial intelligence (AI) to score your risk and give you some recommendations to minimize risk, choose the right private hospital, and be prepared for surgery.

Are you just comparing prices and don’t want a risk assessment?

That’s ok, but don’t forget to balance costs with risks.

Then, use our free plastic surgery cost calculator to find out an upfront cost estimate of having cosmetic surgery in Argentina by Dr. Bukret, an International ASPS member.

You can take advantage of our world-class service and save up to 70% on your Plastic Surgery in 2022! The average plastic surgery cost in Argentina is about 3 times less compared with the USA or Europe costs.

Due to great devaluation, about 400 % from January 2018 until July 2020 Argentina is now the most competitive country in South America in terms of quality and pricing, since the working capital and services cost is lower than ever, same that living cost.

A similar situation happened cyclically, last time in 2001 when medical tourism starts to grow fast. Furthermore, low-cost airlines contribute to this amazing opportunity, making Buenos Aires, Argentina a great destination for Plastic Surgery and leisure.

Dr. Bukret has treated satisfactorily more than 2000 patients from all over the world since 2002 and offers an excellent service.

What is the price for a laser lipo, breast augmentation, buttock augmentation, buttock lift, mini facelift, lipotransference, lipofilling, rhinoplasty, liposuction, laser tummy tuck, mommy makeover, lip lift surgery, etc. in Argentina in 2022?

Currently, most patients prefer to quote plastic surgeries or to obtain an estimate online. Clearly, it makes sense for those who want to compare costs, want to know if they have a budget to cover expenses, and for those who would like to access a service that is not in their city ​​or country.

Of course, we understand these situations, so we strive to care for patients according to their requirements, although not to the detriment of the quality of medical care that can harm the patient.

Consequently, we want to briefly remind you what is the importance and what are the benefits of having a virtual consultation or face-to-face consultation with your Plastic Surgeon for those who can access it.

Indeed, Aesthetic Surgery is a beautiful and complex art. In consequence, there are a series of steps in the consultation with your Plastic Surgeon. These are the following, all of them important:

1. Knowing the Plastic Surgeon personally:

Empathy is essential to feel comfortable, and build up mutual trust. It is important to work as a team with the patient to achieve the best results.

2. What should we ask the Plastic Surgeon?

It is advisable to write down all the questions that we consider appropriate to help us build trust and dispel fears. All questions are important and welcome. Some of them can be:

  • How many similar patients did you operate on?
  • What complications did you have?
  • How are complications treated?
  • What results can I expect?

3. Measurements:

Dr. Bukret will evaluate your requirements, take pictures, and measure your proportions as part of a physical exam to complete your evaluation and diagnosis.

4. Image studies:

Analyzing photographs and doing ultrasounds is a routine in Dr. Bukret’s office.

Although it is not yet essential, they allow precise measurements of great importance in plastic surgery planning such as 3D HD Laser Lipo, abdominoplasty, breast surgery, and facelift. It also serves for postoperative follow-up.

5. Quality information:

There is information on the internet that may be erroneous, or outdated and should not apply to all patients since out of context it can misinform or harm the patient.

6. Photos of operated cases:

It is interesting to see and understand how you can improve, and also how is the recovery process after surgery.

7. Testing implants:

Seeing, touching, and testing the implants gives a realistic overview of the volume of a breast implant, consistency, and the way it looks on you.

8. Simulation of results:

Software programs allow you to achieve realistic simulations. Hence, the idea is to elaborate together with the plastic surgeon on the desired result.

Accordingly, the preview of the result is a tool that must improve communication to understand expectations, and define goals, and is not a promise of the result.

This is particularly important in the first months of the postoperative period, where the final results are unseen due to swelling.

9. Prices and Costs:

Finally, we arrive at the costs. In this regard, the breakdown of costs differs in each case, and depends on the following:

9.1 What plastic surgery clinic or private hospital will you choose to have your surgery done?

All the private hospitals we operate in are authorized by the Argentine Ministry of Health and have different levels of complexity.

The difference between them includes, for example, intensive care units, coronary units, or comforts for you and your companion in case you need to stay hospitalized until the next day.

Therefore, the recommendation will be according to each case, and Dr. Bukret will help you with choosing the most convenient for you accordingly to the comfort you need and after a risk assessment

9.2 What breast implants or buttock implants to choose?

Each Plastic Surgeon has his preference, the main brands are the same, and all of them are authorized by ANMAT (same as FDA in the USA) for use in Argentina.

Brands like Mentor or Eurosilicone offer a warranty to change the implants at no cost in probed cases of implant rupture or capsular contracture. I clarify that only covers the cost of the implants, not the other surgery costs.

Currently, all implants have traceability, which allows knowing which implant has each patient. This record is important information that patients must have for follow-up.

9.3 What is the cost of breast or buttock implants?

The cost of implants in Argentina is variable and in general, they range between US$ 700 and US$ 1400.

9.4 What are the services included in the costs of surgery?

Your personalized treatment plan will contemplate the following services that you will choose according to your needs:

  • Other complementary treatments
  • Pre- and post-operative consultations
  • Dr. Bukret’s visit after surgery
  • Pre-surgical exams
  • Implants
  • Pre-surgical exams
  • The hospitalization until the next day
  • Postoperative elastic garment
  • Medication after surgery
  • Nurse or companion
  • Transportation to your hotel on the day of surgery
  • Others that you might consider appropriate to add to your service
9.5 How to proceed?

Therefore, after seeing the price lists on the internet, Dr. Bukret’s advice is to schedule a virtual consultation or schedule a personal consultation if you already are in Buenos Aires.

Also, you might want to contact Dr. Bukret on WhatsApp for medical questions.