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More than ten years ago we start receiving patients from all over the world creating a unique experience for our patients that honored us with their confidence; and that’s the main reason why we are committed to continuously improve our services and innovate in Plastic Surgery.  Dr W.E. Bukret

 Combined treatments

Cosmetic surgery is evolving to restore facial youthfulness and improving body contour through minimal incisions, shortening downtime, and obtaining natural results.

Combined treatments can achieve the best results. When expertise in Minimally Invasive Laser Facelift® is complemented with ancillary procedures like lipofilling, HIFU(Ultherapy), laser, PRP, and other treatments.

3D Laser liposculture® has become a standard method in combination with fat grafting and implants for body contour surgery.

Combined treatments permits to optimize results beyond costs. These total costs are for your reference. Complete the form below and send to Dr Bukret your pictures to obtain a free online evaluation and your treatment plan.

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Combined Procedures Costs

Non-surgical facelift
HIFU + Botox® + Juvederm®
total costs: USD 2250 .-
  • Full face HIFU
  • 1 vial of Botox
  • 2 cc of Juvederm
  • Application fees
  • Only one session

These combined procedures are frequently required for one session facial rejuvenation.

Can also be combined with Mini invasive Laser Face and Neck lift for great results!

More about Mini Laser Face and neck lift

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M.I.L. Full Face and Neck Laser Lift + Blepharoplasty + Lipofilling
Total costs: 5950 USD-

  • Mini invasive Laser Face Lift ® and Neck Lift
  • Upper Blepharoplasty
  • Facial Lipofilling
  • Preoperative test
  • Up to 5 hours in OR
  • Anesthesia
  • Private Hospital fees (Matienzo Clinic)
  • Overnight stay up to 8 am for recovery time
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3D Laser Liposuction + gluteal augmentation by fat transference
Total cost : USD 5450.-
  • Complete Abdominal 3D Laser Lipo® including waist
  • Preoperative test
  • Up to 3 hours in OR
  • Anesthesia
  • Private Hospital fees (Matienzo Clinic)
  • 8 hours for recovery time
  • One post-operative garment

3D Laser Liposculpture and buttock augmentation with fat grafting optimize body contour with a short recovery time. Keep Reading about Laser Liposculpture 

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