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You can take advantage of our world class service and saving up to 50% in your Plastic Surgery in 2019! Average plastic surgery price in Argentina is about 2 or 3 times less compare with prices in USA or Europe.

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Two of us are getting tummy tuck & breast implants replacement procedures with Dr. Bukret; all the way flying in from Indonesia.

The whole experience has been flawless since the time we consulted through Internet with our surgery and post-ops. Dr. Bukret has a great eye for details and what made us confide in his hands is the sincere attention and care; and everything so well-thought of, especially for us international patients.

Thank you Dr. Bukret & Priscilla & Erika, for all your great attention and outstanding care you have provided us.

We will definitely recommend you to our friends!

Sally & Wiwi

March 2011

What an incredible experience…
From the initial interview thru post op. Dr. Bukret’s attention to detail, beginning with his in depth analysis of what we would like to achieve and explanation of his precess to achieve the desired results… great communication skills. Dr. Bukret has a great eye for detail and skilled hands to provide magnificent results.

Many thanks… Rod & Larry

January, 2011

Thank you very much for everyting Dr. Bukret & Priscilla. You both give a very professional & friendly service here in BA. I will definately be spreading the word!
All the best for the future, and maybe se you again soon!

Mikaela (UK).

Dec 13, 2010

Thank you for all the help.
The surgery was just great, and I look so much younger.
Greg Walker

I came here to Buenos Aires from United States.
I knew that while I was here I wanted to have surgery on my nose and ears, but I was worried about having a procedure done abroad. After speaking with Dr. Bukret and several other doctors here I decided to go with Dr. Bukret because he seemed to have a lot of experience and he was the most professional.
It has been about weeks since my surgery and I am very happy with the results. I even plan to come back to have more procedures done. To anyone who has come here from another country and is worried about having your procedure, you are in good hands. Dr. Bukret is a talented physician who puts pride in his work. Thank you Dr. Bukret!

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