Website Privacy Policy: short version

This web site does not use cookies.

We only collect people’s minimum basic information through the contact forms posted on our website pages “contact”, “your-evaluation”, and “telephone-conference” or by email, to respond to your inquiry or to receive our newsletter from “BA Plastic Surgery”. The data obtained through the contact forms are kept in our inbox by the end of 6 months since their consultation, after which the emails are deleted, without leaving any record of their data. If you decide to hire Dr Bukret’s services, all required data are recorded in the medical records office and clinical history of the private hospital where you decide to have surgery. Read the full scope of our privacy policy regarding the treatment of medical information

The main purpose of maintaining contact data is allowing us to answer your questions and, eventually, being able to contact you and send news or information related to our website or services.

By submitting a query or subscribe to our newsletter, you provide us personal data. By doing this you are giving consent for both, the use of the data given to those responsible for this web site, and your treatment.

We do not provide any personal information from visitors to third parties.

You will always have control over your personal data and may at any time use access rights such as updating, rectification, cancellation and / or removal recognized by Law 25,326.

Data Protection in Argentina

Argentina is the first Latin American country to be awarded with “adequate country” status, according to European Data Protection authorities’ point of view.

Personal Data Protection Legislation establishes an obligations range in order to protect personal information recorded in data files, registers, databases or other technical means of personal data treatment.

Argentina’s legal framework guarantees people the honor, dignity as well as personal and familiar privacy they deserve in accordance with the provisions of Section 43, third Paragraph of the National Constitution, and the Law 25,326 of data protection.

Read the full scope of our privacy policy regarding the treatment of medical information


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