Thigh Dermolipectomy (Thigh Lift)

This plastic surgery is indicated for those who have important excess skin and desire to improve or restore the shape of their thighs.

The Plastic Surgery

A minimal portion of skin and fat from the inner thigh region is resected.

Scars are hidden in the inner thigh (groin) fold. In cases where only an excess amount of fat is present a liposculpture is performed with even smaller, hidden scars.

In some cases, a combination of limited skin resection and liposuction is performed.

Length of Procedure

1 to 3 hours.

Anesthesia used

Neuroleptoanesthesia (deep sedation) or general, plus tumescent local anesthesia.


This plastic surgery requires a short stay of fewer than 6 hours.

Post-operative Care

  • Antibiotics
  • Activities are restricted depending on the recovery rate
  • Early ambulation prevents vein thrombosis, aids swelling subsiding and speeds post-op recovery
  • No sunbathing for 3 to 4 weeks post-op
  • Sports and other straining activities can be resumed one-month post-op

Post-operative Treatment

Sutures are removed 12 to 15 days after the surgery. The elastic garment is worn for 8 weeks after plastic surgery.