ULTRAcelQ+ (Intense focused ultrasound)

Medical technology is increasingly efficient to treat different problems avoiding surgery risk, reducing costs, and recovery time. Among the technological innovations, those that use focused ultrasound waves or IFU (Intense Focused Ultrasound) are used as an initial facial treatment alternative and as a complement to a facelift

HIFU means focused ultrasound of high intensity and is a relatively new technology used for the treatment of localized adiposity, cellulitis, flabbiness, wrinkles and facial laxity

Ultrasound goes through the skin without side effects as with other treatments and the patient can undergo the treatment the same day he goes to a party or even

HIFU (High intensity focused ultrasound) is used to treat sagging skin and to reduce localized fat as an alternative or complement to liposuction.

Unlike other non-invasive methods, these treatments do not injure the skin and have proven to be safe and effective, requiring only one or two sessions to see results in most cases.

In terms of results, they do not replace cosmetic surgeries, but they represent an option with more discrete results are required

ULTRAcel Q is also combined with modern techniques of mini-invasive laser surgery such as MIL Facelift ® or Lipo Laser 3D®. This combination can help maximize the results, reducing recovery time. The choice or combination of treatments will depend on the particular patient’s features (age, weight, degree of sagging, cellulite, and recovery time available), and the expectations of each patient

The more important is to consult with your Plastic Surgeon to obtain the best result in avoiding complications and undesirable effects.

Efficiently allow facing different problems avoiding the operating room, reducing costs, and recovery time

ULTRAcel Q + skin tightening and fat burning

Face indications

Treats flaccidity, reduces wrinkles, and double chin

Body indications

Reduce cellulite and rolls in the abdomen, back, buttocks, arms, thighs, and legs.